Sunday, 18 October 2009

All in a day's work - and play

A variety of special occasions these last few days. Friday evening St Brigid's Hall hosted a concert by the Wroxton Players entitled "A Night at the Musicals". This group of amateurs put on a great show that I enjoyed a lot. Our wonderful Social Group put on a supper halfway through the evening - a scrummy chicken bake. It was all in aid of the Heath Hospital Lourdes Group. Excellent.
Saturday lunch-time in St Brigid's Church we held a Memorial Service for Professor John Pathy, whose Requiem I celebrated a few months ago. The church was full of family, friends and eminent people from the medical world. All were unanimous in their praise of John, a remarkable human being and great Catholic Christian. From there Fr James and I moved on to a party at the TyMawr for a parishioner celebrating her 80th birthday. Another happy family occasion. As priests we are so privileged to be invited to share people's special moments in their lives like this.
Lastly, 10.30 Mass at Christ the King today was for the deceased members of the Catenians. I am happy to be chaplain to this group of men, many of whom come from our 3 Churches. They are a great group, sound Catholics and family men. They do a lot for charity and support the church and one another.
So you see my life is not all meetings! I am always amazed how varied a priest's life can be, and how we can be part of so many moments and aspects of the human journey - and sometimes all in one weekend!

The pic is another one from the Sea of Galilee - thanks to Paul

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