Friday, 30 October 2009

Move over, JL, coz WGT is here

Well done, blog-readers! The Canon's Stall site has received more visits in October than in any previous month. Have a little something to celebrate. Make it a nice cup of tea if you wish, even...
What? A cup of tea to celebrate? Yes, why not. I helped my sister and brother-in-law to celebrate their wedding anniversary today by taking them to the place everyone in Cardiff is talking about (after they've fallen asleep talking about That Shop in town), the Waterloo Gardens Teahouse. And I'm sure the owner would like to know that - Fr M approves!
Remember that little row of shops down the bottom of the hill off Waterloo Road? Well, the butcher's has become a shrine to good tea (what's all this with the shrines, Fr M?). Huge selection of teas, scrummy cakes (I had courgettes and lime), lovely atmosphere and wooden chairs - no cushions no nothing - that are so comfy. Spotted Sian, my producer at the BBC across the room, so as regards clientele, need I say more? OK, costs a little more than your average cuppa, but, hey, it's not everyday that it's your sister's wedding anniversary.
Now what celebration is it next week?

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