Friday, 2 October 2009

Coughs, smiles and Streisand

Tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - and coughs and colds. After a few coughs on Monday and Tuesday, my voice took a nosedive on Wednesday evening, just in time for a Liturgy Meeting at St Brigid's. It stayed in hiding for most of Thursday, but is making a bit of a comeback this evening. Interesting thing isn't it how we all cope with these set-backs. I tend to battle my way through. When you're a priest everyone wants to tell you their own personal remedy. Tunes, Smoothers etc etc appear from all sides. I notice that those who recommend whiskey are not so quick to offer some of their remedy! So far, it doesn't seem to be developing into a cold.
Rio de Janeiro has won the Olympics for 2016, which I'm glad about. It's about time Latin America had them. And is it me or does there not seem to be much fun in the air about the London Games? As The Times pointed out this morning, at least we'll have a fun Games in Rio. So the evening news is showing lovely sunny beaches where the Brazilians are celebrating. That brings a smile to my sorry-for-myself face.
As did Barbra Streisand on Jonathan Ross this evening. I thought she came across very well, and then performed two songs, especially a moving rendering of "If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas)." Beautiful. Feeling better already.

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