Friday, 19 March 2010

Any of His dreams will do

Great evening just finished at St Brigid's Hall - "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."  The Social Committee had worked so hard. They were all in fancy dress, as were many of the 80-90 audience. We had streamers for the multicoloured coat song, we had those light tube things for the bit when Joseph is in prison, and we had party poppers for the great reunion with his brothers. And it all kicked off with very tasty fish 'n'chips. Yum. These film evenings are now in their fifth year I think. Well deserved too. Lovely evening.  
Talking of evenings - Wednesday I was with the 3 Churches group that has recently been looking at "Faith Matters" - our Christmas, and now Easter, outreach flyer, liaising with the organizers of our Faith Sharing Afternoons, and most of all, planning the launch of our outreach ministry to inactive and returning Catholics called "Landings"  We have an info evening next Thursday followed by a training day on 24th April - both at St B's. It all is looking very good, even if one or two of the team wish it was all a little more professional - like their work. Welcome to Mother Church!
Yesterday, Thursday evening I was with another wonderful team, the First Communion catechists from Christ the King parish. Most of this group of mums are new to this work and I have had several meetings with them along the way to listen, encourage and empower them for their beautiful if awe-inspiring task of handing on the faith to the little ones. Every one of them testifies to the good effect it is having on their own faith too.  Great.
This afternoon it was the turn of St Paul parishioners. Our St Brigid's/St Paul's Good Friday liturgy is at St Paul's this year, and they were anxious that it all go off well, so suggested that I meet with them. Very good hour's chat over a cuppa, and we got it all organized. I invited them also to help plan the shape and choose the options in the liturgy. For example, I have the custom of reading the Passion on Good Friday on my own with everyone just listening. In St B and C the K I also moved around the church for the different scenes, but I had already thought that in a smaller church like St P's that would be a distraction. And they made the same comment. See how the Lord works through his people when they work together...
"Landings", First Communions, Good Friday liturgy - these and many other things are the warp and weft of parish life, and especially of a parish priest's life. I thank God that the Church is moving us all to a place of greater collaboration in so many aspects of parish life. I know that  many colleague priests find all this difficult - working with parishioners, but I must say I enjoy it and it gives me great pleasure - and often pride - when we achieve things like a beautiful liturgy, a successful pastoral programme, a sacramental preparation that gives life both to the kids and to the catechists. Achieve them - together. "Any dream will do" - but especially a dream of the Lord for His Church.

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