Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Holy Week : Tuesday

Good news  blogfans - March has broken my previous monthly record for visits on this blogspot site. Many thanks to all readers.
Just came in from our annual Passover Meal, which was excellent as always. It's organized by the St B/St P Social Group, with outside caterers for the actual meal part. We do all the proper prayers, sing hymns, and "enjoy" the bitter herbs etc. At the end we sing "Green Grow the Rushes - O" with great gusto, helped by the four glassess of wine that you are supposed to have consumed by then...
Gremlins were at work earlier today with the Risograph reprographic equipment - we couldn't get the roll of masters to slide into its feed thingy properly. Two of us tried for half an hour. Fresh pair of hands to the rescue in the afternoon - worked second time. Secret? A little dab of spit on your fingertips to ease the darned thing in.
For Holy Week I thought I might show Michelangelo's four versions of the "Pieta" theme - Mary holding the body of Jesus. So this first one is the famous one in St Peter's, Rome. Sculpted when M was still young, it portrays an idealized Jesus and Mary. They are very beautiful, but we might ask if they are very real? If you remember, a vandal attacked this Pieta a few decades ago, since when it has been shielded by bullet-proof glass. Ponder awhile...

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