Saturday, 13 March 2010

Oases of hope

Excuse me while I slide one of my Oasis Cds into the computer CD player.  I just came in from an 18th birthday party in the Hall. The band playing (with birthday twins Kieran and Hannah's brother Sean on lead vocals) did a few Oasis tunes - and did them very well. "And after all - you're my wonderwall" etc etc. Lots of kids saying hello to the poor old parish priest, who was feeling ancient in such company. We really do have some great families in our churches, and I like the fact that cool 18 year olds think it's Ok to say hi to Father. "So don't look back in anger...."
Earlier today more great youngsters, but this time a little younger, with Christ the King 7 and 8 year olds making their first Reconciliation (Confession to our older blogreaders). The catechists have worked particularly hard, as most of them are new to the job this year. I've had a few chats with them and have really grown to appreciate their conscientious approach, as they come to grasp the importance of what they are doing with the little ones.  
Earlier in the week on Thursday I celebrated Mass with Year 6 from the school (10-11s). What a beautiful Mass on the theme of New Life. Gospel was "Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest."  I had kids on the floor pretending to be oxen pulling the plough. The yoke Jesus was talking about was for two animals. Jesus helps us pull through life - and he asks us to help pull the load for one another too. This is bringing New Life to those we meet. Great kids, so well prepared by teacher Luke Mussa, so confident and attentive.
Thank God for our families and young people. A clergy gathering on Wednesday about the future of the Church in Cardiff was a bit depressing - but a while spent with our youngsters fills me with joy - and hope.

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