Monday, 29 March 2010

Holy Week : Monday

After the busy-ness of Palm Sunday, I lie low today a lttle, stay at base, and get various office type jobs done. One of a parish priest's important jobs is to say thank you. I always bear in mind that everyone who works for the church is a volunteer. Money counters, cleaners, housekeeper, chairman of maintenance group were among folks who drifted in and out of my day - all wonderful people, and I try to spend a little while with all of them.
Someone who was looking for an annulment 15 years ago has resurfaced at the National Tribunal, and so we had to retrieve their documentation from our archives in Archbishop's House. I re-read it all this afternoon, and must remember to get in touch with them tomorrow.
This evening there was Parish Council at C the K. We raised the issue of the forthcoming reorganization of the Church in Cardiff, which will be announced on 25th April. I encourage the Council to have a strategy for handling the 5-6 week period set aside for parish reaction to the proposals. Knowing our lot, they will have plenty to say!
Lent, and especially Holy Week, sometimes feels like a little period where things are frozen, so that we can take stock. And talking of things frozen - did you ever see that amazing video where a few hundred volunteers stood absolutely still in Grand Central Station, NYC for five minutes. The public's reaction was amazing and interesting at the same time. It's good sometimes to be made to stop - and watch, and listen, and think... If you want to see more similar short vids  double click on this one to go to YouTube and look in related vidoes for more ImprovEverywhere films. Check out "Invisibe Dogs" and "Food Court Musical".

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