Thursday, 6 January 2011


I usually listen to Radio 4 in the morning, the (in)famous "Today" programme. About 7.45 there comes their "Thought for the Day", and this morning, which should be, of course, the Epiphany, it was a reflection on a painting of the Adoration of the Magi by Peter Brueghel. The speaker pointed out the travel-weary Magi, the birth-weary Mary and the generally weary Joseph. Soldiers lurk ominously in the background. The Baby seems to recoil a little from the whole thing.
It's all very Brueghel, and we have to say, it has the ring of truth about it - if a painting can have a ring about it!! Resplendent Adorations, like the Rubens I have at the moment on the right, are amazing and uplifting. The reality, we fancy, was a bit more down to earth, maybe a bit more Brueghel. Very appropriate, for a Messiah come down from heaven - to earth.
As usual click on the picture to see it enlarged. 

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