Monday, 17 January 2011

The Ordinariate

So, Saturday saw the ordination to the priesthood of three former Anglican bishops at Westminster Cathedral, and the setting up of the eagerly anticipated Ordinariate in England and Wales. We welcome these men, and of course all who become Catholics. I have voiced a few uncertainties about the whole thing here before, so I have been following some of the discussion on other blogs more prominent than my own! 
On one someone asked the question "Why wasn't it perfectly fine for Anglicans to come through the front door directly, as they've done in the past?" This captures the bit of uncertainty that may be in the mind of some people at the moment. There seem to be many issues surrounding this development, some of which, I must confess, I am still coming to understand... The Church thinks according to the Big Picture and the Long Run, so hopefully things will become a little clearer...

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