Sunday, 23 January 2011

Facing the past and the future

Oops  - bit of a gap since my last posting. Not an extraordinary week - just a busy one!
I just came back from the Service of Prayer for Christian Unity arranged by our local CYTUN Churches Together in Llanishen and District. It was held in the very cosy and intimate local United Reformed Church and led by their husband-and-wife lay pastors. I enjoyed it, and there were quite a few Catholics to fly the flag.
I always pick up some good idea, thought or practice from visits to other parishes and denominations. At the very end of this evening's service, before the blessing, we were invited to turn towards the door while the Apocalypse reading about a new heavenand a new earth was read. It was a lovely way of sending us out back into the world. Nice tea, coffee and variety of cakes to finish!
This week came the news that the first part of the introduction of a revised translation of our Missal is to be implemented this coming September. This will mainly cover the ordinary of the Mass - the parts that don't change from week to week. This will include the famous mutation from "And also with you" to "And with your spirit". I'm surprised that this is the timescale, because at our in-service day a while ago, I got the distinct impression that it would be after Advent at the earliest. Remembering that nothing much happens in the summer, and Lent and Easter have their own priorities, that does not leave much time! Ho hum...
The picture shows worship at the ecumenical Taize community in Burgundy France, which I visited back in 1993.

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