Monday, 2 May 2011

Branching out

So the Royal Wedding came and went. Yes, I did watch it, and I thought it all went very well and looked beautiful (especially Pippa, but that's another matter!).  The Abbey, the music - everything played its part magnificently. I just hope folks here in our 3 churches don't ask for trees down the aisle...  Bishop Chartres had some good things to say too, I thought. And at the heart of it the couple looked very happy. Good luck to 'em! I wonder what the Benedictine monks who ran the Abbey for 500 years before the Reformation would have thought? 
I read in "The Tablet" that our new Archbishop is concerned about the vocation situation in Wales. Good - so he should be, and I hope that this means some serious attention to the issue - watch this space.
Tomorrow I have a meeting of the Welsh National Tribunal here, in fact the biggest we have held, involving four of us judges resolving four cases. They're coming from North Wales and Swansea as well as here in Cardiff, so I'm hoping that ll will go well.  Then next weekend we have our great "Celebrate" weekend at Corpus Christi High School. I'm giving the first talk on Saturday morning and presiding at the Mass on Sunday afternoon, so once tomorow's meeting is over that is the next thing on my agenda in addition to day-to-day stuff. Then there are weddings to think about, three lots of First Communions, preparing for the new Missal, etc etc. Yes, I know what you are saying, it keeps me young and beautiful... Hmmm...

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