Saturday, 7 May 2011

"Celebrate" takes off

Just got in from Day One of our "Celebrate Wales" weekend. What an amazing day! Everything went very well - music was great, Steve Murray's mimes were great, the organization and catering were great - everything was great! Well, you get the idea... Mgr Bob Reardon came to be main celebrant at the Mass in the morning.  There were about 180-200 people around, I think, during the day.
I hope my talk was OK - it became more simple the more I prayed about it. The theme of the weekend is "Who do you say that I am?" I talked about the "you" to whom Jesus asks this question. Who am I? In the leaders' prayer at 7.45am before the day started, I had a new thought which I brought into the talk. If we are made by God, loved by the Father and the Son, then in our mother's womb we already know the answer to that question "Who do you say I am?" What happens is that we forget it! So our Christian journey becomes one of re-discovery of our deepest identity as children of the Father, loved by the Son.
Anyway, tomorrow I've got 9 o'clock at St Paul's and then 10.30 at St Brigid's, after which I'll be back at Corpus Christi. In the afternoon I'm chief concelebrant at the final Mass at 3pm, so I'll sign off now to do some preparation for that. Meanwhile - if you are within travelling distance of Corpus Christi and you read this tonight or in the morning - get up there, it's all happening at "Celebrate"!!

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