Friday, 13 May 2011

Disappeared and disappearing

Hey, I did a new posting on here on Wednesday and it has disappeared! It was a report on the second day of our "Celebrate Wales" event. It's gone. Ummmm.... where is it I wonder?   In particular I wonder is it to do with the fact that I upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 that day? That shouldn't affect it, surely? It had 2 pictures etc - I'm baffled. Did I dream it? No - the two pics are still in "My Pictures". If you find a wandering post,  let me know!
Meanwhile I'm off to Harrogate next week at the annual conference of the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Not as, er, heavy as you might think - all great people trying their best to help the People of God.
P.S.Later that night...
Oh, my Wednesday posting has reappeared after its flight around the blogosphere. Deo gratias.

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