Thursday, 5 May 2011

News and celebrations

So voting has just closed, and once again our three sites have all been used as voting stations. Seems to me people aren't desperately bothered about the yes/no one...  News also this week dominated by the death of Osama bin Laden. I'm hearing quite a lot of people not entirely comfortable with all the hoo-ha surounding this killing. I feel humble when I think of all his victims, but still a bit queasy about it all...
Meanwhile, I've recovered from Tuesday's arduous Marriage Tribunal judging session here, which went OK. I'm now preparing my talk and homily for our "Celebrate Wales" weekend at Corpus Christi High School. The other two speakers, Charles Whitehead and Jenny Baker are much better known than me, so I'm in exalted company! However, it would be wonderful if this event gives a boost to the Church here in Wales, which it so much needs.
I haven't posted a video for a while, so here's one I pinched from another priest's blog. It's a great combination of sound and vision. The music is an Easter piece of music with calm choral singing combined with glorious organ - turn it up loud for the full effect. At the same time you are watching stunning photography of mountains - the Alps and maybe others as well - beautiful.
Acknowledgements to Fr Ray Blake.

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