Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Women of God - videos of life 2

It's the feast day of the patroness of the Church where I live, St Brigid. We always have an evening Mass, ending with a little procession to the statue of St Brigid which parishionersrs erected in memory of the late Canon Tom Dunne, parish priest here until 2001. After intercessions for the parish I give the final blessing under the statue, holding a St Brigid's Cross.
The first reading for St Brigid is St Paul talking about all of us making up the body of Christ. It struck me how the reeds that go to make up a real St Brigid's Cross are fragile, easily bent or even broken on their own. But together they are strong, and can make something beautiful and inspiring, like a Cross.
Talking of something beautiful, that reminds me of Malcolm Muggeridge's book on Mother Teresa, "Something Beautiful for God", which did so much to get her known. I recently came across this short video about one episode in her work. I'm not sure where it was filmed - in some war-torn part - but the last sequence, about a sister and a patient, I found very moving. Watch the expression on the boy's emaciated face slowly slowly change from fear, anxiety and aloneness, as he is warmed by the massage and, more importantly, the love being shown him, until he reaches for sister's arm at the end.

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