Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dolan and the dove

Cardinal Timothy Dolan continues to hit the spot with his preaching at St Patrick's Cathedral in New York. First, here he is at the Chrism Mass on the need to anoint the Church, the "bleeding, broken, mystical Body of Christ." Next, a very impressive but very simple homily for Good Friday showing what can be done with a "formula" type sermon. Lastly - a great word for Easter itself on the Living Jesus.
Now for the more visually minded, one of my favourite Catholic rituals, the "Scoppio del Carro". It happens in Florence after Easter morning Mass, when the Cardinal at the altar ignites a burning bird that flies down the cathedral on a  wire and sets off a firework display ouitside in the square. Here is an official newscast about it, in Italian I'm afraid but you'll get the idea.

Now here is the same thing filmed I think by a mobile phone from outside the cathedral - watch out for that dove flying out of the doors low over the heads of the crowd!

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