Friday, 20 April 2012

Easter through music

Two more videos I've recently come across that capture Easter as a reality now. The church is always reminding us that we are Easter people, and I believe that the Resurrection can come to us and touch us in many, many different ways.
So here first is Easter via music. Music is one of my great loves, from listening to my Mum playing the piano and my Dad whistling, via singing in the Cathedral choir, to my large collection of Cds and, more recently i-Tunes stuff. Do watch until the end, and Henry's wonderful comments on what music means to him.

Next, more Resurrection-through-music, this time a song by an American I'm afraid I haven't heard of before, Jason Gray. It's called "Remind Me Who I Am", and is illustrated by a striking video. Mary Magdalen recognised the Easter Jesus when he called her by her name. He calls all of us, and our deepest identity is to be beloved by his Father - and ours. We all need to be reminded who we are. Fr M approves these videos bigtime. Enjoy.

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