Monday, 23 February 2009

Bishops and Brothers

The Vatican announced today that Archbishop Tim Dolan of Milwaukee is to be the new Archbishop of New York, which many see as the most important diocese in the USA. Like Westminster, they had been waiting quite a while for an appointment. Archbishop Dolan seems to be a good man, and I have his book on the priesthood. Meanwhile Westminster still waits. Our own Archbishop Peter is mentioned a lot, especially over recent months, along with bishops like Vincent Nichols in Birmingham and Malcolm McMahon in Nottingham. What a difficult job - you have to be bishop of the largest diocese in England & Wales - AND be seen as the leader of the Catholic Church here.

Talking of Archbishop Peter - he was sadly unable to join our Fraternity of Priests this evening for our dinner to celebrate 20 years of meeting. 9 of us enjoyed a scrummy meal over at a restaurant in Penarth. I had garlic mushrooms, lamb shank and creme brulee - slurp. It's great to get together with fellow priests, especially when you've got something to celebrate. In it's own quiet way the Fraternity has achieved great things ove the years. Priests need support now more than ever - from lay folk, but also from one another. Pray for your priests.
P.S. I just discovered how to set the timer on here to the real GMT - just for you Brynnaman ;-)

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