Sunday, 8 February 2009

Bless 'em

I've just finished watching Wales beat Scotland, and really should finish some Canon Law work now, before going up to Christ the King for the monthly Justice & Peace group meeting. However, well it is Sunday... so I'll have a cup of tea instead!

At this time of year Fr James and I are very involved in the preparation programmes for First Holy Communion and Confirmation, for years 3 and 8 respectively. This morning James hit both at the same time in St Brigid's at 10.30 Mass. The Confirmation youngsters were having their Election, when they make their commitment to go ahead after several sessions of the programme, while the younger children, on a longer programme, were getting formally enrolled. On top of that a few altar servers were being admitted to the St Stephen society for servers. Meanwhile, up at Christ the King, our First Communion children celebrate a programme called "God's Greatest Gift", and we incorporate several Masses on the various themes, so today it was "God's Gift of the Word." The children stayed in for the readings etc, while the other age groups went out for their Children's Liturgy as usual.

I'm always amazed at how beautifully our children carry out their ministries and roles in Mass. We had one reader this morning who was particularly good, full of meaning and clarity. Some people don't seem to feel comfortable at family type Masses such as 10.30 at C the K. I, on the other hand, think our three Childen's liturgies are some of the best aspects of our 3 Churches. We are blessed with many dedicated catechists/leaders, and the kids are so well prepared, and (yes, on the whole) very well behaved. I suppose on an average Sunday across the 3 Churches we would have over 100 at Childrens Liturgy.

One of the things that comments about Family Masses reveals is the different "flavour" of our various Sunday Masses, and how the various congregations get used to, and attached to, their respective style. We could say well they're lucky to have such a choice - but that's another whole topic! Why do you like your particular Mass - why not add a comment here?

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