Thursday, 12 February 2009

Getting heard

So we are meant to be looking at these 5 questions on the future of the Church in the city of Cardiff. I've now attended 4 sessions looking at questions 2 and 3. It takes a while to get into the real issues, but then some very good ideas and views come out. Most people agree that there are a whole variety of questions that they just don't usually think about. I'm a great believer in the presence of the Holy Spiriti in all the people of the Church. Getting together like this really helps people become aware of our shared responsibility for the Church now and into the future. Please do make sure that you let your voice be heard.

Talking of which, my radio broadcast on Darwin etc yesterday went OK. I was pleasantly surprised that Sian the producer only asked for a few changes in one paragraph, so letting me off lightly! I asked if I can put the text on here - but was told firstly that once broadcast the copyright belongs to the BBC. Secondly - it might have been wiser not to ask!! Ho hum...

Oh, and it is Fr James' birthday today - so wish hiom a happy one next time you see him :-)

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