Thursday, 5 February 2009

'S no problem

Snow hasn't been too bad in Cardiff, but lots of things affected. The School Inspectors meeting with Governors at Corpus Christi is off until next week... The Council of Priests, which meets four times a year to advise the Archbishop and of which I'm currently chairman, is postponed until later in the month etc. Fr James haqd better hurry up if he's going to make his first snowman, as it is disappearing!

People are starting to discuss the future of the Church in Cardiff. We had a good go at it at last night's Parish Council at Christ the King. Once people start to go beneath the surface issues - that's when it starts to get interesting. See the "5 Questions" on our website

I'd dashed to that meeting from a previous one at Christ the King School where we we
re looking at the admission applications for September. Thank the Lord we have exactly the right number of Catholics for the 30 places! I'm really proud of our school for its straight 1's Inspection recently. Everybody works very hard there. Also the school Governors, like all governors, are completely voluntary. It's a task that has got progressively more demanding over the last 20 years. The Church is so grateful to those who volunteer to represent us all in this vital aspect of life.

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