Friday, 17 April 2009

Canon Law reaction

Today I did something I haven't done for a while. A while after a Canon Law interview lasting just under 3 hours this afternoon, I put some music on the computer very LOUD. What came to hand, courtesy of iTunes was the Who, crashing into some tracks from "Who's Next" from circa 1970. "Behind Blue Eyes" was followed by "Won't Get Fooled Again". My mind went back to the evening, around that time, when I went with some school friends to see the Who live in Bristol. Four of us went on a motorbike and scooter, with me on the back of the scooter (I was 16 or 17!). The Who were brilliant, of course, but the evening ended with our scooter breaking down on the way back - on the (old) Severn Bridge! We pushed it on to the exit pretty sharp, to avoid paying the breakdown fine, and got home at some unearthly hour, in the days when young people weren't just going OUT at midnight. Great how music can transport you back forty years! This past year what I've listened to most has been Coldplay's "Viva la Vida". Although the critics didn't give it a huge thumbs up, I liked it the first time I heard it. Any Coldplay fans out there? If you're all good, I'll tell you about going to see Blondie not long ago, or Queen in about 1972 at the Castle, or Roxy Music as a kind of "stag night" just before going off to seminary in 1974...

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