Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Counters and Convents

I was wondering today how many people visit my Stall. The Sitemeter counter (at the bottom of the page) only tells me how many come to thecanonsstall site, and not those who read it on 3churches.org. Just to give me an idea, could everyone who is looking at this on 3churches on Wednesday this week please click also on one of the articles, which will then take you to thecanonsstall and therefore will register on my meter.

Meanwhile... parish life goes on, and Fr James and I each have a funeral tomorrow, Wednesday. I'm celebrating Peggy Daly's in Nazareth House, and Fr James's is at St Peter's. Peggy was a lovely lady, and I'm sure her Mass will be well-attended. The chapel at Naz House is much bigger than you'd think - bigger than many churches. Who remembers Nazareth House fetes and Blackweir sports? My Auntie Kitty Kearns died at Naz House a few years ago. She was the last of my parents' brothers and sisters. She wasn't married, and smoked till not long before she died, aged 96! Naz House is part of Catholic Cardiff, isn't it? Talking of which, I've done quite a lot of my family history, and I'm sure that if you go back to the 19th century most of Catholic Cardiff are related somehow. I've got Kearns, Casey, Driscoll (including Peerless Jim) Anzani, Burns etc etc. Anyone with any interesting Catholic Cardiff info?

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