Monday, 27 April 2009

More musical nostalgia

Turned on Sky during the weekend, and came across a biopic (biographical film for the uninitiated) on 60s legend Donovan. Having been instantly whisked back, I must confess to you, dear readers, that after the programme I went off to download Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Barabajagal (spelling??), There is a Mountain, Jennifer Juniper and, one of my favourites, Hurdy Gurdy Man. Back in the programme, it seems D is still very much around, and hasn't really changed very much.
Listening again to Hurdy Gurdy, I wondered what its weird words are really about. People have put various interpretations on them, including religious ones. Turns out that it's simply dedicated to a friend of Donovan who led a band called Hurdy Gurdy at the time. Bang goes my memories of imagining some sinister-fantastical magician from the mists of time... But it's still a good song and sounds amazingly modern for 1968!

Any other offers of nostalgia from the 6os or other decades?

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