Saturday, 11 April 2009

A quiet Saturday morning...

What a hive of activity St Brigid's was this morning. At its peak at about 11 o'clock, after Carolyn had sorted the candles and things in the servers' sacristy, we had Karen printing off the newsletter there, and then there was a whole gang of flower arrangers in the church doing a grand job (after some others had done their part yesterday!) Then singers and musicians arrived in the church also, to set up their gear and have a run-through for the Vigil. Meanwhile another gang were hard at work in the Hall preparing it for the first part of the Easter Vigil, that we celebrate there before coming into the church via the fire... Next Simon and Jo, who are being received into the Church this evening, arrived for their First Reconciliation in the presbytery - which converts already baptised do immediately before their Reception - plus baby Caitlin. The phone continually rings in the background, with folks asking the times of Easter Masses. Thank the Lord for prerecorded messages! Finally, Joseph and Elinor rang the bell, ready for their 11.30 appointment. They're getting married here in July, and as they live in Germany, they can only come for preparation when they are home at holiday times.
Ah, yes, you know, holiday times, when everything is nice and quiet!!

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