Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bye for now

Well folks, I'm off for a while on my hols. Fr Christopher has settled in well, so I'm leaving the ranch in the safe hands of India and Africa. I'll be "off air" for two weeks, until 10th August, though you never know, if I see a free internet place in deepest Latvia, you may get a posting from there! But I won't go out of my way!
It was February when I started this blog. Since then there have been 2,323 visits and 5,141 page views to the blog site. But many more of you view this on, the parish website, I know, and it's impossible to know how many visits are specifically to the blog part, but that site is getting thousands a month so...
Actually I'm a bit surprised that the blog is still going. Thanks everybody for the interest, and see you soon... To keep you going, here's a video of "In Christ Alone", one of the best modern hymns I've heard. It's accompanied by some scenes from "The Passion of the Christ" including the beautiful one with the woman taken in adultery...

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