Monday, 21 June 2010

Father's off on a course...

Sun is shining - a good day to go off with all the other priests of Cardiff diocese on our "Year of the Priest" renewal course. The title of our four day session is a bit daunting, "The Powerful Spiritual Leadership of a Unified Presbyterate: Preparing Ourselves for Our New Archbishop   21st - 25th June". Bit of a mouthful, eh? Well, it may be made a little easier by the fact that it's taking place at the St Pierre Hotel outside Chepstow, famous for its golf course. Apparently we got a "good deal", so don't get feeling all guilty about these clergy going off at vast expense. My picture shows the old part of the hotel, and the church where we will celebrate Mass each day. 
Actually, this could be something very significant, not only for us, but also, of course, for our diocese as a whole. We will be facilitated, as they say, by an American priest Fr Ronnie Knott, who comes highly recommended for his work with priests.
So say a prayer for us all. There will be a gap in postings now until the weekend. It was suggested that I could Twitter from the sessions, especially if spicy stuff comes up - but I'll spare you that, and in any case I don't know how to tweet!