Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Southwark beckons

So tomorrow Archbishop Peter will be installed as Archbishop of Southwark, at his new cathedral, St George's (right). Like our own St David's it was damaged in the War, but it is a somewhat grander affair altogether, as you can see. Not very difficult, some might say! We priests were all invited, but it seems not many are going... I'm not. I'm no great lover of London, especially a dash up, a long liturgy, a bite to eat and a dash back.
Friday, our consultors (basically the eight deans plus Mgr Bob Reardon the former VG and, I think Canon Peter Collins from the cathedral) will elect one of our priests to be the Administrator, whose job is to keep the diocese ticking over until a new archbishop is appointed, which I personally think will be September-October.
Best money for administrator would be on Bob Reardon, but in a secret ballot you never know... there could be a surprise. Some priests claim not to be interested in these matters, but you can bet that they are. It's only human, as from the viewpoint of the clergy, whether it's an administrator or archbishop, that's our boss you're talking about!