Friday, 4 June 2010

Questions - big and small

Everyone is shocked and mystified by the killings in Cumbria. How could it happen? The Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, was excellent on this vexed question on the "Today" programme this morning on Radio 4. Catch it here, and go to 1 hour 44 minutes into the programme. He manages to bring in both science and Christian, especially Catholic theology, with its concept of original sin, as a way to understand what happens when someone "snaps".
I'm getting used to Archbishop Peter now being off the map. I had asked him to suspend the current consultation on the future of the Church in Cardiff, but he felt it should continue. Then I learnt this week that one parish priest in Cardiff had presumed it was suspended anyway! More immediately, I'm caught up in trying to arrange a supply priest for the summer - so say a prayer that we're successful...
And the medical bulletin? Well, good news and not so good. Weather has hotted up again, and so, unfortunately has the bit of infection in the old foot - so I'm back on anti-biotics. Ho hum. Good news though is that the damaged area of tissue continues to shrink.
Fr James comes back tomorrow from his holiday, so we're back to normal for Sunday, when I've got First Holy Communions here at St B's. In the bigger picture, with uncertainty about the future of the 3 Churches, no resident bishop, the Nuncio off sick - what's "normal" ? Luckily that's all in the background. As my mum would say - and say that her grandmother would say - "God is good." So, thank Him that summer is a-coming, hopefully, and bringing with it that lightness that puts a smile on everyone's face.

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