Saturday, 12 June 2010

A sort of beginning, a lovely ending

Mgr Bob Reardon was elected Diocesan Administrator yesterday by the Cardiff college of consultors. No real surprise there. I think most priests would feel it's an unenviable position - a sort of caretaker government. As it's now June, and the going rate for speed of appointment of new bishops seems to be about five months, a lot of that will span the quieter summer months. I really wish Bob all the best over this next period. Meanwhile, the Nuncio, who more or less "manages" the selection process, at least in its earlier phases, is sick, and so nobody seems to be sure whether this effects the length of that process. However, the Vatican is well experienced in these things, including sickness, so I'm sure that the Nuncio's number 2 will keep things going.    
Last night we celebrated our annual Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, for people from various parishes where there is Eucharistic Adoration. Once again we welcomed a good number, and just as we marked the beginning of the Year of the Priest last June, so we marked its end this June. During the period of adoration I read out the names of all the priests - diocesan and religious - attached to our diocese. Then I invited the congregation to mention out loud priests who had played a part in their lives. Well, I was very inspired by the number called out, which went on for the whole length of the piece of music I played meanwhile.  It was a great tribute to the good that so many priests have done, and a fitting end to the Year.
PS I couldn't find a single picture of Mgr Reardon on the net, so I got one of the Nuncio instead. Come on, Bob!