Wednesday, 15 February 2012

In the soup

Those of a delicate disposition should look away now... because your humble blogger has a confession to make.
How, do you think, did Fr M observe Valentine's Day? 
By a bird being found in his bedroom.  There, I've said it now.
I came home from Mass at St P yesterday morning and Mary the housekeeper greeted me with the devastating truth, "Father Matthew, you've had  a bird in your bedroom!" I was rapidly searching my brain to discover what had led her to this conclusion, when she added,"I've just chased it out the window, so it's gone now."  It seems that somehow a little sparrow or similar had got into the house and found its way to my bedroom. I then remembered that I had heard some chirping coming from somewhere for a day or two. It must have got trapped in the eaves or something and found its way in. I tell you what, it's a thrill a moment in a Catholic presbytery...
Meanwhile, we hosted the fortnightly meeting of our Fraternity today - our support and prayer group for priests. Still reeling as I was from yesterday's revelations, Mary redeemed herself by putting together for us a lovely chicken and chorizo soup. Yum.
Still much chat, undertandably, about our new archbishop. Last week we priests of the city finally voted to merge the two deaneries into which the city has been divided for a while. So we now need a new dean for Cardiff, and the archbishop has invited us to send in names. We shall see... 

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