Saturday, 25 February 2012

Station Mass

So here at St Brigid's we hosted our deanery Lenten Station Mass last night at 7pm. I'm glad to say that it went well. These liturgies require quite a lot of planning, especially as we were welcoming people from other parishes. Who's doing what in the Mass, parking, refreshments, order of service, music, and - especially - managing the clergy, getting them to move at the right time, get to where they are distributing Holy Communion etc etc. Particularly good was the music, as our 3 Churches Choir did a great job at singing the Psalm (a setting specially composed by conductor Les Collins) and a lovely piece at Communion, as well as leading the congregational singing.
The Archbishop was in good form, managing to get in a reference to our September Pilgrimages. His homily developed the ideas from his Pastoral Letter last Sunday - a sort of "Variations on a Theme of My Own". He joined everyone for a cuppa afterwards in the Hall. 
Were many there? Well, the Archbishop estimated about 150. You can always do with more on these occasions, but it was good I think, considering it was the first Station Mass for a while, that it was on a Friday and that it was at the time of 7, which may be a little early for some.
So, a good celebration. Now, to get on with Lent...

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