Sunday, 5 February 2012

A quiet Sunday evening

At approximately 7.30 earlier this evening, I realised that four things were going on in our various rooms, halls, churches etc at the same time. I was in St Brigid's sacristy with our Sunday evening prayer group. Next door one way were the money counters, doing the Sunday collection. The other direction, in the church, were the 3 Churches Choir, busy practising for the Station Mass that we are hosting on 24th February. Meanwhile up in Christ the King Parish Centre, this year's Confirmation programme was getting under way with 20 something youngsters and 5 or 6 catechists.
From time to time I have to remind myself that we are blessed with so many people in our churches here who are willing to be involved. I don't know which is the sweetest sound - charismatics singing in tongues, the choir singing in harmony, the confirmation young people and catechists growing in faith - or the counters counting the money... Only kidding, honest!

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