Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Cardiff born...

To Western Cemetery this morning for a funeral.  These are very difficult with the 10 persons limit, and if anything the emotions of the families are even more exposed. Please remember the bereaved in your prayers.

Anyway - I suggested to Andy that we make our way back from the cemetery via the Llandaff route, and I have to admit we took some other diversions too.  First we dived into Ely rather than come straight down Cowbridge Road West. This was my stamping ground 1979-1981 and 1988-97, and holds many, many memories. That's St Francis church on the left. We went down Grand Avenue, up to the bullring and down Stanway Road to St Clares (so sad). Next we diverted off Western Avenue to Llandaff and over the bridge to Whitchurch. Finally we headed home via Maes-y-coed Road. 

It's unusual to be serving as a priest in your own city, let alone, as I am, in the parish where
you were ordained. However, I'm very happy about it as I must own up to being a great fan of Cardiff. Big enough to have all the facilities, it's small enough to get around so quickly and also to get out into the country so easily.  On the whole the people are lovely. It struck me as very green this morning too, with lots of treelined streets, (Heathwood Road, right) parks and riverside areas.

Yes, I enjoyed our little jaunt this morning around the city - my city.

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