Saturday, 25 July 2020

Day and Night

Well, we had some teething problems with our webcam - connections, as always - but we are now up and running 24/7 as planned. If you want to watch just click on the picture in the right column of this blog >>> and it will take you to the parish website. Click the enlarger on your device and the "Start arrow" and you're there.

I celebrated my first Mass with congregation this morning, and felt very happy about it. I guess there were about 15 there, and it was great to be together. Now tomorrow I'm celebrating 10.30, so I expect there will be a larger number, so we will see.

Some of you really liked my little video from 8th July of the King's Return singing "Ubi Caritas" - beautiful. So here is another of their films, this time done live, and filmed on a  phone I think. It's "Silent Night", and who doesn't like "Silent Night"?


  1. Thanks Fr for getting this facility up and running at St Brigid’s. Are there plans to have a webcam at the other two churches, Christ the King and St Paul’s? I guess though it depends on having a solid and quick internet connection. There is something magical and spiritual about having a peek at the altar in St Brigid’s at 3am! Excellent how the camera switches to black and white at night for extra low light performance.


  2. Thank you for this morning's streamed Mass. Also thanks for your words to those of us watching at home - they made me feel as if I was really participating in the Mass. I am in Bristol, but have family in your parish and have been to Mass at St Brigid's before lockdown.
    Best wishes,
    Christine Getgood