Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Past, present and future

Afte celebrating Saturday and Sunday Mass in public, now I celebrate Thursday and Friday at St Brigid's, then my first at Christ the King on the weekend.  I am 90% very very happy to be back doing this - after all, it's a central part of what we priests are here for.  yet, at the same time, there are other emotions too. There is the whole sitation in which we find ourselves, there are the missing faces, not just those who are not yet venturing out, but also some who have gone home to the Lord. And there is some kind of apprehensiveness after a long gap, made a little more so with my arthritis.
However, over all this I am overwhelmed by the kindness and spirit of our people, who are really great, and of course, the mercy, patience and grace of our loving God. 

So much of this comes together in the Mass. So here is a talk about the Mass, why should we  go back and what's it all about anyway. It's given by Fr Matt Roche-Saunders, the youngest priest in Menevia and probably Wales. I've known him for about 15 years, great man and great sign for the future.


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