Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Day trip to Swansea

Beautiful weather we are having at the moment...

I was fortunate yesterday to be in Swansea for a few hours. After my meeting, another priest and I parked in the new marina area of the city and got a bite to eat at Frankie & Benny's. Am I alone in thinking that although, like Cardiff, there are areas very obviously set aside by the planners for eating and "fun", there are whole stretches of new development which seem to be just flashy office blocks and parking. However much "street furniture" they put in, these areas always seem to end up rather cold and forbidding, giving you the feeling that in a few years they will be even more depressing than they are now. We walked among the shiny new architecture, which I'm sure looks interesting on paper, but in the flesh, so to speak, I find it all rather de-humanising.

However, I like Swansea, and the way that the sea there is closer to the centre than here in Cardiff. One of the problems with the Bay here is that it's just too far for people to walk from town. What happened to the plans for some kind of tram link?

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