Monday, 9 March 2009

Prayer problem

Nice problem this evening - more people than expected turned up to my first Lenten talk on "Aspects of Prayer". All our previous series have been in the sacristy at St B's. It takes about 14 or 15 snugly, but we were 20+ this evening, and so had to decamp to the church. Not such a good environment because of seating, scale of building etc. However, when we came to the Way of the Cross, we had the benefit of the large Crucifix above the altar as a focus.

We tried to look at some of the fundamentals of prayer this evening, before we get on to kinds of prayer, Biblical prayer etc. Everyone put their hand up when I asked who didn't pray enough or pray well enough... as expected. There were some moved faces as we remembered that it's not a competition, and we don't get a score out of 10 for prayer. I suggested that it's strange that we don't talk much about prayer, considering that we would all agree that it's important. I am convinced that in fact there's a tremendous lot of prayer goes on, and we are blessed in our churches with many deeply spiritual folks.

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