Monday, 2 March 2009

Election Day in Cardiff

Beautiful ceremony this afternoon at St David's Cathedral in town - the "Rite of Election". This is when adults who are becoming Catholics at Easter make their final decision to go ahead, and have that decision accepted by the Bishop. I went along with Simon and Jo, a married couple from from St Brigid's, their sponsor and some of their relations. It's wonderful to see, I suppose, about 60-80 people going up to make their commitment. Then they all meet Archbishop Peter personally for a few moments. Incidentally, I must say I felt proud also that our 3 Churches supplied almost half of the small choir which led the music beautifully.

It's great to witness these occasions. The candidates come to realize a little of the true nature of the Catholic Church, as they see all these other folks like them, and then remember that similar services are being held today all around the world. They always find it moving - and so do I.

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