Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Save our arcades

I was in town yesterday, calling in at the CTS to order palms and paschal candles for St B and St P. Serious question of which wax motif to have?!! Then I went round to the Hayes to see how the new developments - St David's 2 etc - are progressing. There are loads of apartments, ("luxury", of course) on top of the new shop units, but then I saw in the Echo in a cafe nearby that the proposed 32 storey block near the station is now on ice. Who's living in all these, er, luxury apartments all over the place?
Anyway I was sad to find that many units in the Morgan Arcade are empty, and it had quite a sad feel to it, not at all like it is in this picture. As a Cardiffian I'm very fond of the arcades, and I hope they don't suffer, squeezed between development and credit crunch. The new library looks interesting. I was never very keen on the "old new" library in Bridge Street - I hope this one is going to be better. It's opening soon...

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