Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pardon and Peace - Part 2

Fr James and I helped with 2 sessions of Confessions at Corpus Christi School this week. It's interesting to trace the youngsters' development as shown when they come along. Today we had Year 9 (13-14), and I felt that the boys were more straightforward, just telling it as it is, the girls a little more, er, beating around the bush. It didn't help that it was a non-uniform day, and so they were all showing off their super-cool outfits (boys and girls that is - I'm getting into deep waters here!) Funny thing is that I've always found that some of the most sincere confessions come from the toughest lads. Take away the audience of their mates, and they are often some of the most heartfelt encounters I've had in this beautiful sacrament. You gain a deep insight into their world, a world so often overshadowed by family and other problems, and they often emerge as being far more full of potential than is realized, in both senses of that word.

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