Friday, 10 July 2009

The Big Questions

Oh my goodness - the dilemmas we face in the Church. Yesterday at Christ the King we accidentally had today's first reading at Mass. So the dilemma was, which reading should we have today - repeat today's or go backwards in the ongoing story of Joseph in Egypt to yesterday's first reading? One of the parishioners said that a previous parish priest had opined that nobody was listening anyway - so we went back to yesterday's...
To matters of far greater importance - whatever happened to Chelsea buns? We were talking after Mass about my recent rediscovery of Eccles cakes, and we got on to Chelsea buns. They used to do nice ones downstairs in David Morgan's, didn't they? But we won't go into the demise of Morgans... Brian at the Presbytery has chipped in that they are also good at the Lakeside stores. But where have all the Chelsea buns gone? If anybody knows - put a comment on here....
ps I just Google Imaged "chelsea bun" and was directed to 123,000 images!!
pps Brian has also asked about Big tea-cakes that you cut up for several portions and also polony, if that is the right spelling - anyone seen any recently?

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