Thursday, 23 July 2009

Welcome Fr Christopher!

Fr Christopher duly arrived this evening. He's originally from Lesotho, though he is a priest of Klerksdorp diocese in South Africa. He didn't realise that Wales is twinned with the small country of Lesotho (yes it is, honestly!). The twinning arrangement is called Dolen Cymru, and has been going for quite a few years. We have a young teacher from Christ the King out there at the moment in a school. So it will be interesting to hear about Lesotho and South Africa. There are 7 diocesan priests and about 15 or 20 religious ones in Fr Christopher's diocese, serving a Catholic population slightly bigger than in ours...
Over the years I've arranged for priests from several other countries to spend the summer here - Colombia, Mozambique, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Poland. It's enriching for both sides, I think, and at least give the folks a change from us in the summer! So - welcome Fr Christopher!!

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