Thursday, 2 July 2009

Perspiration and priesthood

A morning posting for a change... Mass at Christ the King is not until 9.45am today as a class from the primary school are joining us. I found sleeping very difficult last night - so hot. I've never known a house like our Presbytery for being so warm upstairs and cool downstairs. No matter how many windows you open etc, the heat just seems to form an upper layer in the house, reaching into every bedroom corner. I almost came downstairs to sleep, but eventually I dropped off.
This morning is our four times yearly Council of Priests. This is the consultative body to the Archbishop made up of priests of the diocese - the eight deans, eight elected members and a few ex officio members. I'm the elected priest for Cardiff East Deanery and currently chairman on my second three year term. Today we're continuing to look at the Vocations situation and then the Year of the Priesthood including plans for our own on-going formation. Could be very interesting...

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