Monday, 20 July 2009

Pleasures present and past

Lunch in Cowbridge today. Is it me, or is Cowbridge a bit sort of twee? Nice shops, caffs, etc but just a little, er, I'm not quite sure what. Lots of ladies-who-lunch were about and I suppose I was a priest-who-lunches among them! Bit like tourists complaining about all those pesky tourists in the beauty spots abroad, or the folks in Lourdes who, having bought all their own souvenirs and gifts, then proceed to complain about all the commercialization... I remember someone on one of our September pilgrimages complaining that the food in Rome was too - Italian!
When we were kids my Dad would sometimes drive us all out to Cowbridge Common, near that obelisk thing. After running about and working up an appetite we would, on a special occasion, go down then to a farmhouse nearby for egg and chips - anyone else ever do that? It was the height of excitement on all sorts of levels. Real countryside, fresh air, a real farmhouse and scrummy eggs to dip your real chips in. Ah, yes...

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