Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Christian vote

An interesting proposal came up at the recent meeting of Churches Together in Llanishen, and I was talking about it with someone yesterday evening. Could we Christians hold a pre-election public meeting for Cardiff North in the weeks leading up to the forthcoming general election? The idea would be to get as many of the candidates as possible together in a hall in a kind of "Question Time" format. People from all our member churches would be invited, and the candidates would be asked to speak for up to about 3 minutes each on 4 or 5 subject areas, followed by audience questions on that same area.
We did this once in Ely, and far more people came than we expected, so I don't know how it would go down here in Cardiff North.  Julie Morgan, wife of Rhodri Morgan, is the present MP, but it's seen as a very marginal seat, which could work in our favour. We'll see if the fish bite...
Talking of events, I'm not sure if a repeat of last year's REFRESH event is going to run. For various reasons many of the main people involved last year are no longer around or available. We were in discussion with Youth 2000 on a national level also about making it a Y2000 event, but that seems to have stalled with them having a change of personnel  in London. These events, beautiful as they are, take a huge number of man-hours to mount (not to mention woman-hours).

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