Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Whoops - missed a few days more than usual on the old blog... but lots going on at the moment.
Fr James and I decided a while ago to devote our homilies one Sunday to the Year of the Priest, and we eventually got round to it this Sunday. I talked about some pastoral incidents from my own experience of priesthood where I and others had really felt the presence of God. I have believed for a long time that one of the jobs of the parish priest is to point out how and where Jesus is alive and active. People responded very positively, with many saying how they found my thoughts very inspiring and uplifting. I also shared two moments in my own development as a priest - the Worldwide Retreat for Priests in 1984 and my arrival in Penarth parish in 1997. On both these occasions I was profoundly challenged in different ways, and grew as a result. I urged our people to pray for priests - first for their sanctification, their growth in holiness, and secondly for a deepening of their confidence, not in themselves but in God and in the Gospel we are sent out to preach.
Over the weekend I watched the wonderful film "Romero" on DVD. It's 30 years since Archbishop Romero was gunned down at his Cathedral in San Salvador, and we are hoping to remember that on Romero Day, March 24th.
Talking of good and holy priests.... This morning I attended a gathering of about 20 priests where we reflected on the promotion of vocations to our diocese. We have precisely zero seminarians at the moment. There was some good and honest discusion and putting of opinions, which is always a help. I hope that something practical comes of it.
Tomorrow I'm representing Churches Together in Llanishen at the licensing of a new incumbent at Christ Church, one of our local Anglican churches. I'll give a report... 
Pic shows me celebrating Mass in September at the Church of Dominus Flevit - the Lord Wept - in Jerusalem.

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