Monday, 22 February 2010

Lenten graces

So Lent is well and truly underway. On Saturday we had the second of our faith-sharing afternoons in the parishes, this time it was held in St Brigid's Hall. I was asked to kick off, and talked about some of the very significant stages in my journey of faith. Then we had a man, a woman and a couple from Christ the King, St Brigid's and St Paul's respectively. All spoke very beautifully, and the response was as good as last time before Christmas - a tremendous buzz in the hall. We introduced mention of the "Landings" programme that we will be introducing later in the year, and quite a few signed an "interested" sheet". I also mentioned in public for the first time  - other than here dear blogophiles - my ideas about a Catholic Men's Breakfast. Wherever I mention it, the ladies' first question is "Who's going to do the cooking?"!  I think it's now about time to start pushing the boat out on this one.
We also had a good Prayer Group on Sunday evening. We started the group very soon after I came here. Numbers vary a lot, from about 4 to 10 or 12. We had 10 on Sunday and there was a real sense of the Lord's presence.
This evening I led the first session of this year's Lenten scripture reflections, which I'm doing on Monday evenings and repeat on Thursday afternoons. I was searching for a theme other than the Sunday gospels, but not feeling happy about it really, until I went to the Three Aches pub at lunchtime today. Regular visitors to this blog will know the 3 A's is my local, and in particular it's home to the regular lunch of the local clergy. Today we were just Catholic, Welsh Presbyterian and retired Anglican, but the Lord was kind, and out of the mouth of Rob the Welsh Pres came the info that he is adapting this year's BBC/Churches Together in Britain and Ireland Lenten programme - and did I want to use it too? (That's its "logo" left) I looked it up as soon as I got home, and Rob sent me his slightly adapted version - and hey presto, we had a great first session this evening. 
So there we are. My great-great-great uncle David and great-great-great-great-uncle John, both Welsh Pres ministers, must have been looking down on me!

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