Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lento ma non troppo

I find that on the whole Lent is the busiest time of the year, and I have to be careful that I can keep all the necessary balls in the air!
Take today... 9.30am at Christ the King for monthly site meeting on our Hall refurbishment and extension plan. While we are very blessed with parishioners who are able and willing to take projects like these forward, it is vital that they know that they have my support, and that I represent the parish on such big jobs. 11.30 I'm back at St Brigid's, check mail, hellos to housekeeper, Fr James, anyone else around the place, then down to getting done my bits of the newsletter and email em off to editor Luke. Phone rings for me about 6 times before lunch at 1.00. Mmm, stir fry. Hall secretary calls in during lunch to help ease a  problem there, then 30 mins relax before getting ready for the afternoon version of my Scripture talk (see last blog posting). So I set up from about 2.30, then conclude Adoration at 2.50 ready for talk at 3.00.  4.30 pause for cup of tea, and receive email from brother-in-law giving me info about his family tree - info that I trawled the net for a  few days ago!!
Then lock the church and start preparing for evening. I was leading Way of the Cross at 7.00, so I had to check my collection of versions and choose one.  I integrated the Stations into Mass - and managed to start the Mass dead on at 7.30 still (little smug smile to myself!) despite someone appearing for Confession too at 6.55.    After Mass, time with the little group looking at our outreach to inactive Catholics. Very good group, making great progress, but a lot to get through, so don't finish until 10.00.  Bit of supper (yes, I know it's late to eat) and half an hour of "Question Time" from Caaaardiff. Plonker from the UKIP Party, so turn off telly and take refuge in my blog...

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