Friday, 5 February 2010

Nice one, my Lord

Just got in from giving a talk to the members of the Third Order Carmelites down at St Peter's. Lovely group of people, and very attentive. During Mass before the meeting one of them was making her first profession as a member. At the meeting I spoke about the involvement in my own vocation story of St Teresa of Avila, the great reformer of the Carmelites, then went on to repeat two points from my Sunday homily about praying particularly for the sanctification and confidence of priests. To conclude, I did my reflection on the Annunciation with the help of Antonello da Messina's painting. 
Talking of talks... I went to the licensing of the new priest-in-charge of Christ Church last night. There were loads of Church in Wales clergy all in cassock and surplice, and the service was led by someone new to me, David Wilbourne, assistant bishop of Llandaff since last year. Great preacher! I can actually remember much of what he said - which unfortunately doesn't happen often... The choice of Gospel was a surprise at first - Peter's denials.  The Church was too often like that, he said, quietly warming itself, chatting with the world, and denying Christ, who, meanwhile, was shivering in a cold cell, alone. The parish priest's job was to lead us away from that cosying up, past the Cross, and on to the Resurrection. 
Strong stuff, but memorable and challenging. Excellent. Fr M approves! Keep an eye out for our Bishop Wilbourne...      If you want to get his style there are two of his sermons here.

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